Luxury Ribbon Styling Set

Our luxurious styling set is the must-have for keen stylists who love to adorn gifts, vases, and anything else that needs their touch of magic.

The rustic tray is itself a thing of beauty, and the perfect place to store ribbon reels and our favourite styling bits and bobs. We've gathered our favourite styling ribbons, twine, scissors, tags and foliage.


This set includes:

Rustic metal tray 29x16cm with 3 compartments

Twine on wooden spool 10m

Silky grey ribbon 2m

Natural linen ribbon on wooden spool 3m

Bordeaux velour ribbon on wooden spool 10m

Olive green sparkle ribbon on wooden spool 5m

x12 Brown card tags with twine 9x6cm

Tied bunch of preserved eucalyptus 28cm L

Metal scissors 19cm L

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