24 JUNE, 2021

Serene & Clean.

Beautiful White. A sense of calm; cotton wool clouds; freshness; purity; soft virgin snow. Light, brilliance, positivity. A breath of fresh air.

Imagine bringing those feelings into your surroundings - maybe your home, or just a special corner of calm for “me” time. It could even be a place as quirky as an old potting shed that you want to put your mark on. Those of you who are able to visit our beautiful barn in Harringworth will remember that the walls are all painted white in the main barn. I do find it lovely when I hear visitors walking through the door, and almost breathing in the sense of peace and tranquillity - I’m sure the wall colour and the calming music has a little something to do with it.

On the bookshelf.

As an avid reader, I love displaying my books. I even colour code them - yes, I can feel you rolling your eyes as you read this. But it’s actually a tiny move that can look awesome if you have all your white books stacked together along a shelf, or even vertically in piles for a more contemporary look.


A bit of white adornment.

White accessories in a bedroom or bathroom is always a winner. The styling of a bed with white linen covers and big squishy white cushions that you can just melt into. Heavenly.

If you wish to bring a serene white style to your bathroom, insist on all your soaps being white and have a small jumbled stash on display, as well as the one in use on your basin. White soap dishes and toothbrush mugs. White fluffy towels and bath mat. Alternatively, use a white colour scheme with muted greys. 

White is such a wonderful blank canvas to work with, so your choice of accompanying colours can easily soften the harshness of white if that clinical look is not what you are after. Think about introducing some natural textures such as the odd storage basket, or wooden towel ladder.

“A clear glass vase stuffed full of abundant white blooms just makes my heart sing.”

Floral abundance.

This year I've gone for all white hanging baskets and tubs outside the front of my home.

One of my all time favourites for bringing white into my home, is through the medium of flowers too. Either going for the real thing, or the dried and faux options, large or small. 

A clear glass vase stuffed full of abundant white blooms just makes my heart sing. A simple white bud vase with a single white stem will always look stunning. Some of my all time white favourites are tulips, hydrangea heads, cosmos, and dried nigella. 

Remember that your bunches of flowers can be entirely of the dried variety. There are plenty of white options around such as Gypsophela and they’ll be just as striking. So on trend at the moment too. If you want to create a wow feature, think about a display of long bleached pampas stems in a statement vase. Or you could go to the other end of the scale, and display tiny white foraged stems and seed heads in a clear glass tube. 

If plants are more your thing, just stick with white or off-white plant pots - a mismatched collection of white plant pots en masse can look incredibly eye catching. Just go for it and experiment!

A flicker of white.

A must have is white candles - anytime, anywhere. Bunched casually together in odd numbers. They can be the chunky pillar candles, botanical candles, or the humble white dinner candle. You can introduce white candle holders too if you want to go all out white - the wee willy winky style for example. Simplicity at its best.

Even the most utilitarian rooms of the house can showcase elements of white - think about introducing bottles of liquids with white labels, clear bottles artistically scribed with chalk pen, bottles with white ceramic lids, a white dog bowl, even a collection of white labelled sanitizer, or bundles of white dishcloths!

Styling with white can be as much or as little as you like, so take a leaf out of my book and simply play around and see what works for you. You just might be pleasantly surprised.   

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