13 MAY, 2021

The Morning Ritual.

Yes, we all do it every single day of our lives. There’s not one person anywhere in the world that doesn’t have a morning routine and I suspect most of the time it is the same old boring, humdrum version that we probably do rather robotically if I’m being honest. Especially in the dark, cold winter months! 

When the lighter mornings return, and the sun is shining, am I wrong to assume that it naturally puts a little hint of a spring in our step as we tumble out of bed and fling back the curtains? I've been imagining my dream morning ritual, although admit some of it is just daydreaming...

Good morning world!

Notice I’m using the word “ritual” instead of “routine” - for me, it conjures up a bit of a treat, a bit of spoiling. So how would I start my dream morning ritual?

I'd start at the bedroom window, open the curtains, gaze out and take a deep and long, slow breath in. And set my intention for the day, just one - something as simple as “I will not let stress get the better of me today” or “I’m going to just keep smiling today” or “I will bite my tongue when I feel like doing the exact opposite!” Maybe “I’m going to have 5 minutes of ‘me’ time today”. 

I'm absolutely adopting this one, I'm already feeling the benefit just thinking about it!

“Hang a small bunch of fresh eucalyptus leaves underneath the showerhead - the scent will mingle as the hot water pours through”

Awaken the senses.

Scented candles, luxury soaps & shower gels full of essential oils would feature in my dream morning ritual. A wonderful tip I overheard the other day, was to hang a small bunch of fresh eucalyptus leaves underneath the showerhead - the scent will mingle as the hot water pours through, the steam awakening your senses, not to mention keeping your shower room smelling delicious. 

I’m told the stems will last for a couple of months. Perfect! 

The candles I'll save for weekend breakfasts. There's something so magical about a candlelit breakfast, I definitely need more of those in my morning routine.

If you love your Oh Curio coffee beans like I do, I’ll always go the extra mile before I leave home and treat myself to a small cafetiere of freshly brewed coffee. I have a favourite coffee mug too for my morning fix. If you’re not a coffee lover, why not have a gorgeous glass bottle to put your OJ into and a pretty little juice glass reserved solely for the job in hand. All part of the ritual.

Share your ritual.

Just thinking about it (and sharing it with you) has made my morning ritual ideas all the more inviting and real.  

Obviously, not all our mornings can be full of ritual, but in a fast-paced digital world I'm craving the simplicity, I hope you get a moment to dream up your own ritual soon.