The Oh Curio® collection started out as photo props for photographers and has quickly grown into a home brand selling the most photogenic, versatile objects for styling your own story.

Whether I'm Photographing products for clients or laying a pretty table for entertaining at home, I turn to my favourite timeless accessories to make life a little more beautiful. A solid wooden bowl, the perfect linen, a simple silk ribbon.

It is these styling essentials that I love to gather and share with you in the Oh Curio collection.

Lyndsey James
Creative Director & Founder


Lyndsey James is the founder of Photo Boards® photography backdrops and a Photographer, Stylist & Retailer for over 15 years.

From shooting for boutique brands, Lyndsey went on to launch the UK's first ever Product Photography E-course - teaching commercial photography skills to over 10,000 creative business owners across 5 continents.

Lyndsey has since been invited to share her relaxed teaching style, speaking as a retail photography expert at business and craft events around Europe for brands including Etsy, Folksy, Time Inc, Kirstie Allsop, Triumph and many more.

The global success of Photo Boards® is thanks to Stylists, Photographers and well-known brands choosing Photo Boards® as their go-to tabletop backdrop.

Oh Curio® is Lyndsey's most recent venture. Her overflowing photo props cupboard inspired a webstore and boutique of beautiful artisan inspired products which are loved by photographers, stylists and creative thinkers.