Ruffle Edge Zinc Tray Set of 3
Ruffle Edge Zinc Tray Set of 3Ruffle Edge Zinc Tray Set of 3

A set of 3 ruffle edged metal display trays. They have bobble feet on the base which raises them slightly and makes them perfect for table presentation. Fill with floral or candle displays or use in photography for a rustic tin tray effect.


Hover over the image to see how these trays will scratch with use, I love to see them age, but move on if you don't like the scratched worn look, it is not for everyone.


As with all decorative trays they do not have food safe coating so I recommend using a layer of baking paper to line the tray before presenting food.


Not oven or dishwasher safe. 


Sizes: 21cm, 15cm, 10cm.

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