Winter Styling Set with Zinc Tray & Scissors

A styling set for all seasons that doubles as a beautiful display in your home.

We love to collect foliage throughout the seasons and this clear bottle vase works perfectly with all types of gathered flora, creating an ever changing display as we collect different stems.

With a hand-tied bunch of preserved eucalyptus and winter foliage included, this set is the perfect starting point for inspiring you to head outdoors and will look beautiful on a hallway or kitchen table.

Take the tray and scissors with you when you forage and don't be afraid to display it as creative work-in-progress, with stems both inside the tray and the vase.


This product includes:

Zinc styling tray with handles. 40 x 28cm

Clear glass bottle vase 30cm H

Strong foraging scissors 19cm L

A hand-tied bunch of preserved foliage, as pictured. 

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