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20 MAY, 2021

Al Fresco Lifestyle.

A bright new day beckons and it’s time to go places. A day out.

One of my all time favourite ways to spend a day from home is to include a must-have picnic. It really can be any time of day in my book - early morning breakfast on a beach or by a peaceful stretch of river or hidden away stream; your regular lunchtime picnic with a view to die for; or a special evening picnic in a magical place.

And more often than not, it helps to be organised by making sure you have the essentials at hand. A picnic can often involve walking or cycling to your desired spot, so making sure you can carry everything is a good starting point. Now as you might imagine, my picnics involve a bit of pretty! Whilst many may prefer the plain and functional, and of course there’s nothing wrong with that, I do like to have a bit of style thrown in when I’m putting a picnic together. And that is what Oh Curio is all about.

Bags. Lots of them!

Every shape and size. Our favourites for outdoor eating are the beautiful straw bags and baskets. From market shoppers, to totes, to backpacks - they all come in straw and are just spot on for a day out. 

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