Our Top 5 Everyday Home Styling Essentials

Many of our lovely regular customers will know that Oh Curio was born out of my love of photography and styling, and turning to my favourite timeless accessories to make the mundane a little more beautiful.

So I thought I would share my current top 5 home styling essentials that really do beat their ordinary alternative hands down. All you need is a quick switch to make a simple, eye-catching difference to your space.

Refillable Glass Bottles.

Hide away those tetra packs of juice forever, and replace with the humble glass bottle.  The ones I really love are the milk bottle style with white ceramic lids. Available in two sizes, I have these on the go as a permanent in my fridge for OJ and apple juice. The smaller one I will always keep for milk when an unexpected (but welcome) visitor pops over for a cuppa. And while I love using jugs, this little milk bottle can't help but add some style when serving up a pot of coffee at the table. Similarly, if you have a houseful for the weekend, don't hesitate to bring out these glass bottles for the breakfast table. Simple and stylish.

Refillable Glass Bottle with Ceramic Lid


Wooden Bowls.

You can never have enough of them in my humble opinion. Beautiful wooden bowls are easy to mix and match with their textures, shapes and sizes and offer themselves up to storing all those “bits” that you would normally have squirrelled away in old boxes, tupperware or grotty plastic bags! Fill them with your colourful stash of ribbons, soaps, candle collection - let people see them and turn them into a stylish feature of your home.

 Rustic Wooden Bowl


Refillable Glass Dispensers.

Bang on trend at the moment are the brown/amber glass refillable bottles, sprays and jars. Again, part of the anti-plastic movement, but even just one or two of these in your kitchen or utility room look so much more attractive than your sticky plastic bottle of washing up liquid, or surface spray. So get decanting, or even better, start refilling.

 Brown Apothecary Dispenser Bottles


The Wooden Box.

There is nothing lovelier than being handed down a vintage wooden box from an old relative and even better when it comes with its very own little bit of history. Or maybe you spot the perfect find in an antique shop, or the studio of a local artisan.

Wooden boxes are timeless pieces and are at home in the most contemporary or traditional of settings. In my world of photography and home styling, and in particular styling the Oh Curio way, I have to say that wooden boxes are an all time favourite styling accessory of mine. They add such a warmth of texture to any setting and for me, they are such an obvious addition to the wonderful world of the curio “thing”.

Reclaimed Brick Mould Wooden Box

Brown Paper Tape.

And here’s one for moments of gifting. Look out for some of those wonderful brown paper sticky tape alternatives that come in a myriad of simple designs. Banish the Sellotape - not only are you reducing your use of plastic, but you’re making your wrapping look a little prettier and interesting, and also saying, “I care”.

Decorative Brown Tape

It really is so easy to make the swap to pretty alternatives - it’s all about just keeping our ears and eyes open and getting ready to be inspired.

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