A Simple Way to Gift Wrap a Book

How to wrap a book.

Sending out perfectly wrapped parcels to our online customers is something we take pride in.

Here's how we like to wrap a book, it is a very similar way to wrapping any box but with a simple twist. (Of course there are many more fancy ways, this is just the most effective, speediest way when we have lots of them to do!)

Simple Way to Gift Wrap a Book

1. Pop your book or box in the centre of a beautiful piece of wrapping paper or brown kraft paper as I have here, appropriately cut to size. Remember that you don't need lots of paper length at the shorter ends/sides of the book.

2. Fold in at least 2cm of wrapping paper on one of the long edges. Ensure it is neatly creased.

Giftwrap a Book Step 2

3. Fold the other long length over your book and bring the folded edge to overlap it neatly.

Gift Wrap a Book Step 3

4. Holding down the fold tightly, flip your book over (that's the twist I mentioned), and rotate to bring the short ends to face you. The weight of the book should hold the folded side in place underneath.

Gift Wrap a Book Step 4

5. Turn in the corners of each short end to a point, fold upwards and tape down neatly.

6. Flip the book back over so that you now have the original folded side face up. Finish off by popping a card, little note, a dried flower or any other favourite embellishment you might have, into the pocket that has been created. A stylish ribbon or twine looks lovely too, tied across the fold.

Gift Wrap a Book Step 6

That's all there is to it! Just remember to fold an edge then flip the parcel before taping the sides and this technique can be adopted for any box.

Happy wrapping!

LJ x

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